Tru-oil on a all maple neck?


please excuse me for my poor english (I'm french)
I want to buy a warmoth strat neck all maple but I'm not sure if i can finish it with Birchwood Casey Tru-oil.
I know it's ok for the back but for the fretboard? Won't it turn black like old neck?

I'm sorry if the question was already answered in an other topic.
Well Excuse my French :)

Yes, just finish the whole thing with Tru-oil back and front. some of it may get stuck on your frets, but you can play that off by doing a lot of bends ;)
pretty good english.

any way. if you get it on the frets just wipe it off, and if it dries on take some steel wool to it.
I have finished a few Warmoth necks with Birchwood Tru-Oil. It is one of the few products mentioned in the forum that is easy to find in the UK. I just rub it on with a cloth very thinly and keep going until I get a good finish built up. I hang the neck in my laundry drying cupboard between coats. I finish with a good wax polish. I use this on maple necks & fingerboards - no problem. I have also finished a black korina strat body with Birchwood Gunstock Grain Filler and Tru-Oil but it was very hard work.
I thought everybody was LOOKING for a way to get their all maple necks to "relic"?  :icon_scratch:
My results on the front a Strat neck (maple board of course) were not so good with TruOil.  At first it became shiny, then black (finger dirt), then wore through to the wood.  This happened in about six months of occasional playing.  That convinced me that there are better alternatives to Tru Oil ...
Easiest route on an all maple neck is to tint with ReRanch Fender Neck Amber to your preference and finish with gloss nitro. If you want the maple fretboard to "relic" just shoot it with fewer, lighter coats than the rest of the neck.