Tone pot hum


If i turn my tone pot all the way down i get hum.
I checked all my connections and there all good.
Help, im new to this.
Hmm, that's a strange one.  Does the hum fade in as you roll off the tone, or does it just cut in when you turn it all the way down?  Did you wire this guitar yourself?  Can we see a photo of the electronics?
Never heard of a condition like this; if you get the hum ONLY when the single tone pot is dialed to the zero position, most likely there is some issue with that pot, try replacing it.
maybe it's just the picture but the soldering on the pots looks VERY may want to clean that up?
I is, due to the fact that i dont have a de-soldering iron, and my volume pot some how im my soldering is stiff. when i turn it, i dont think the tone pot is bad. i never soldered on it.
That's a right mess... Where did those pots and switch come from? What kind of guitar is this?

I'd trash whats there and start over.

To start you said: "If i turn my tone pot all the way down i get hum."

Then you said: "Here is a pic of my wiring it only happens when its all the way up."

Which is it? Is the second statement in regards to the tone pot or volume pot?
Its when its On 10, all the way to the left, sorry i was confused as to which way it was..
im new to modding my guitar.
Im thinking about scrapping..
What do you guys think it is, with out replacing any thing?
Those look like cheap pots and a switch you'd find in a Squire or other low end guitar; probably smoked from all the solder; replace them with CTS components.
Yea its an ibanez Grx 20 L all stock parts.
the new parts or like a guitar center?
can i get these at radio shack?
CTS is brand name. You can pick up a new switch and pots at Guitar Center or order from

What were you trying to do that started your soldering on that guitar? Get all new parts, what comes in that guitar is junk quality.
I was attempting to put a kill swich in with out shorting out the out put. so, i made like 855983649 differnet solders to figure out where to bridge it.
and, i dicided to replace all the wiring with solid copper rather than the strads in it
what is your reasoning for the solid wire?

for most people, utilizing solid wire is a poor choice. it 'easily' cracks if you're not careful in how you manipulate it. stranded wire is able to take a significant amount of forming without any issues, and when you use the right gauge it performs equally well as solid.

you did create a diagram before beginning on your hack and hope mission, yes? if so, you should have a good diagram to wire you new pots and switch with

all the best,