Tonal Properties of Canary...


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Yes. This is what I'm wondering, Until just recently I did not know that Canary didn't require a finish, So automaticly it's become a favorite! Anywho what I'm wondering is What woods is Canary's tone similar to? and Does Warmoth offer Bodies out of Canary? Thanks~James
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the tone-o-meter gives a good reading of how this wood sounds like, and also wether or not its used for bodies. I believe its a bit warmer than maple.
I would like to try Canary too sometimes.. this will be future project # 23 :)
very curious about the feel as well..
I'll chime in and say that canary is awesome. My all canary neck perfectly compliments my PUP selection (EMG SA's) adding a touch of warmth to the sterile sound of the EMGs.  I personally like it a lot and can see me getting another soon.  Got my eye on a Goncalo next though. Canary has a waxy feel to it, like a lot of exotics do.

I saw one strat body recently in the showcase that had a canary top on it.  Clear coated, I would imagine it would look very nice.
Thanks, for the advice, And I've looked countless times on the tone-o-meter..... No Canary. But I am thinking about ordering A Canary neck, solid. So If I do, I'll be sure to fill you guys in on all about it.