Canary/Ziricote strat neck


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As promised, here's my latest Warmoth neck installed.

The neck is completely raw. I took the time to burnish it down to ~1200 grit and am very satisfied with the result. Silky smooth. The smell of working with canary isn't my favorite. For those interested, I used 3M polishing papers: 400 grit followed by 800 grit followed by 1200 grit. 400 and 800 removed material, but 1200 resulted in more of a polish. I followed the 1200 with 4000 but honestly don't think it did anything beyond what the 1200 had already done, so that's where I stopped. The result is a mirror finish. I suppose different wood will plateau at different grit, so this may be unique to canary.

I'm very happy with the super jumbo SS frets. The difference between medium jumbo and super jumbo is more significant than I expected - in a good way. I also find these to be the butteriest of all the Warmoth frets I've tried in the past. Highly recommended.

Very pleased so far - it plays like a dream. I just hope I don't regret omitting inlays.

One other thing I noticed is that despite reports that Canary is similar density to maple, this neck is wayyyyy heavier than the maple neck I replaced with this. Not sure if I just got an outlier, or if it's just because of the ziricote, or what.

Many thanks to everyone's input on previous related threads! Especially @ragamuffin, whose neck design I flat out stole :)


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That's a beautiful part. You may find yourself fumbling a little bit while you get used to working without the front inlays, but you'll build up new habits around the side markers and just plain muscle memory. I'm happy for your new toy! Great choices.
Thanks bagman! Yeah I hope the lack of inlays exercises other methods of navigating the fretboard. Or maybe even strengthens my ear a bit.
I have found it so.

If you play standing up, you’re using side markers anyways or are slumped over.