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simple question....i'm about to order my rear route tele body and i actually want the prs layout for vol/tone controls so the question is....will a toggle switch fit correctly in one of the control holes?  i'm only gonna have a 1vol/ 1tone setup as always and i'd love for the switch to be in that third "middle" hole so if someone knows for sure i'd be very grateful.  i'm pretty sure it should work out fine but i wanna be sure ya know?



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DAMN!!!!!  you know if warmoth can just do 2 pot holes and 1 toggle hole in the standard 3rd hole position?  it seems like it would be possible since you can choose which control holes you want anyway.....might require extra work tho.....
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If you are ORDERING the guitar, or selecting a guitar from Showcase w/o control holes drilled, I'm sure they can drill whatever hole(s) you want in the appropriate size.... HARD to get a 1/2" hole back to 3/8"....
HARD to get a 1/2" hole back to 3/8"....

It's pretty easy to go the other way though, in about half a dozen different ways. You can order it "normal" or with no holes at all and maybe by the time it gets there, you'll have figured out what you want to do. The distance from the edge depends on the size of the knobs you choose, whether you want to do pinky swells, and na-na-na. It's taken me three days to agonize over the knob placement on my seven-string, but I'm ALMOST READY. I think. As anyone who frequents this forum knows, moving a knob even 1/16" one way or another could (potentially) have a grave impact on the entire course of the history of the rest of the universe. What if it's.... WRONG!?! :blob7:

It's even HARDER to make a 1/2" hole GO AWAY....
Wanted to add, depending on the switch... you might need to use an extended thread retaining nut, which is a bit of a deep nut that slips down into the hole.  Gibson Les Paul's use them, as well as SG (although its not needed on the SG).  I used them on the two thinlines recently.  In that case, the hole is 9/16.
Does Warmoth go by standard placement and pre-set templates (and you sort of "pick and choose" the various combinations that you need), or can/will they drill them wherever you want (and do you provide some sort of template or drawing to facilitate this, and to make sure they're giving you what you want).

Looking at some wonderful samples here and in the customer gallery at Warmoth's site, I'm finding myself rethinking some things, and possibly going with a Tele style that I've never really considered before - or thought much of - until recently (contoured body, rear-routing, no pickguard, perhaps that string-through body/Tune-O-Matic bridge idea, etc.).