Tobacco Burst First Build


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Hi folks,

this is my first build. she's finally done. got it fixed at the guitar tech today. am extremely happy with the results. specs as follows: -

White Korina on white korina | Natural masked binding | Tobacco Burst | Honduras Mahogany pickup rings (thanks john!)

243/4" scale, 59' Roundback contour, dark Mahogany neck / Ebony board, 6105 fretwires, clear satin finish

500k pots, PRS Tremonti Treble and Bass pickups, .022 caps

GOTOH TOM/STP, Planetwaves Tuning Pegs, Amber Speed Knobs




closeup of the pickup rings.


here's the neck. satin finish on dark mahogany, turned out better than i expected!
Every Warmoth LP I see here reassures me that mine (when it gets here) is going to be awesome. Looks sweet man.  :hello2:
That's gorgeous man.  Turned out great.  I can't wait until mine gets here and I can get it done.
Great looking LP.  Can't wait to get mine completed.  Hope it comes out looking as good as yours does.

That white korina looks fantastic under the tobacco burst.  The natural masked binding is so perfect on this one that I think it would just look wrong without it.  We gawkers and wood addicts would love a shot of the neck...anyway, nice piece o'work there, man.
thanks for the nice comments folks! it was really fun and i can't wait for my next build now! added photos of the neck as well.
Wow. That is incredible. Love the burst on korina, and the masked binding with the pickup rings looks so spectacular. My only change would have been a clear gloss back, otherwise this build is, in my eyes, perfect.
thanks folks. she's a beauty. i can't take my eyes off her. in the office now. i still look at her pics.  :laughing7:

in a brighter environment, the back grains show up very well. tonally it's quite amazing. put it thru the paces thru my amp last night. very balanced, not muddy. still does a beautiful chug! good weight, no shoulder sore! the 59' contour is killer. i love the feel of it, can't put it down. altho chambered, its not overly bright like the gibson BFG. overall, i really don't see why i would buy another brand name i can say, i am probably the only fella on earth with this particular guitar. :)
GoDrex said:
Every Warmoth LP I see here reassures me that mine (when it gets here) is going to be awesome. Looks sweet man.  :hello2:

I feel the same way.  I have been very happy every time a new one pops up because they all look so good.
That is beautiful, in a classic way - I must admit I find the purplebursts to be a bit wearing....  :tard: It seems to me that those pickup rings might be liable to to "pick up" some coloration from your finger oils, depending on how and where you anchor your fingers. I kind of like the way wood changes color, but a quick coat of polyurethane or varnish would keep them pristine.