This is my dream guitar.


These are my plans for my dream guitar. Right now it will have to wait a while to be built because I am graduating from high school in a week. I also have no job. This guitar would be a huge upgrade from the Mexican strat that I play now. I would love to hear any comments that anyone has on this guitar.

The body would be a VIP with a Flame Maple top and Mahogany back. It would be finished with a black back natural mask binding and a blue dyed top. It would have Chrome Gotoh Wilkinson Tremolo and DiMarzio Virtual PAF pickups with covers. The control layout would be a PRS layout with the five-way strat switch added. It would be wired like a PRS but with two tone controls and one master volume. Both tone pots would be coil split switches.

The neck would be a Flame Maple Warmoth 24 3/4" Scale Conversion neck with an Ebony finger board. It would have stainless steal 6230 frets. It would be a clear gloss finish with a precut graphite nut and Planet Wave Auto Trim Tuners. :headbang:

Hey Stratman!
    Here's the plan!  Get yourself a good paying job and work your tush off to earn enough money to get yourself a gorgeous Warmoth body and neck of your choice.  Assemble the two and listen as it "calls out to you".  You will get another job to earn enough to finish it and when you do.....well, I can say from experience that you will fall in love with this new creation of yours.  You will never regret the time and effort you have spent or the effort you have put forth. 
    The guitar you describe sounds awesome. I waited until I was 48 to build my 'Moth Strat.  Mainly because the $$$ had to go towards houses and kids and insurance and blah, blah, blah.  But when I finally got the bug again, sold my old American Fender Strat on the big "E" and had some "Mad Money"...well the rest is history!  Check out my guitar on the customer gallery under Todd Krueger.  I sure am proud of her!!  Good luck on your quest and be sure to post pictures as you go!  Good luck and may the FORCE be with you!!!
I'm graduating in two days
I worked my ass off for like 4 months, everyday after school for 7 hours and weekends so I could have enough money for my guitar
then once i got enough i quit.
that place sucked.