Things to be concerned about with a Warmoth build.


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Hello all,
New to the forum. I just bought a P bass body and a J neck. I’m looking for any assembly “gotchas” that those with more Warmoth experience may have.

By way of background, I’ve played bass off and on for 40 years. Eight years ago I decided that I should get a 6 string to work on finger exercises. I also decided that if I could put a $225 Epi LP Tribute headstock back together I’d have a decent git to do that with. Long story short, that business blossomed and I’ve been doing set ups and minor repair work since. I’ve married several bodies and necks successfully, including a salvage J neck on a P body (had to straighten the neck first) for myself. The body is a good MIM Fender, but I don’t care for the tobacco burst. I got tired of looking for a nice combination to replace it with and decided to go with the Warmoth instead.

I’ll transfer the pup and hardware off the existing bass. Shoot it with a 1K Spraymax clear on the neck and a tinted urethane for the body. Black grain fill and sand back so the grain is visible through the tint.

But to the point, is there anything I should be aware of or look for in the assembly process?

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you already have transferable skills for the process. One thing you might want to do is a dry fit/assembly of all the parts to check for fit and compatibility etc prior to finishing.


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I doubt you'd have any trouble. I've built countless Warmoth guitars/basses, and the only "gotcha" I've ever encountered had to do with installing pickup selector toggle switches on the horns of Mooncaster bodies. That's just enough to piss off a saint. Still doable, though.


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Welcome to the forum. Putting a guitar or bass together is quite rewarding. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


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The one thing all of us have run into, is that when you have built one you will want to build more.