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On the left is the neck and body for my seven-string. Alder body, maple neck with a pau ferro board. I photographed it with a Ibanez RG7421 seven-string to make it jealous and want to get finished quicker.

(The cat's name is "Pandit" and he's never met a situation that can't be improved by his direct supervision - at 3 ft. X 19 lbs., I don't argue with him about it.)


This is a picture of the hole for the whammy springs on the back. Warmoth's standard route for a seven-string is only for a Floyd Rose and I am putting a NON-locking whammy on & I didn't want to pay $300 to program their CNC machine (for that much I could friggin' teleport to Washington State and do it myself) so I still have to dig out the hole through the body for the inertia block and sink the posts.


This is a picture with my 1 1/2 year-old "Mustang" to show just how much a pau ferro fingerboard will darken over time with a little bit of Howard's Feed 'n' Wax and a lot of natural slime. Unfortunately by then my cat had been out drinking with the camera so things got a little blurry.
Sweet, what are you going to do with the headstock? Looks cool. I really like the finish on your mustang and the black guard.
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Go ahead and paint the cat, maybe dragonburst? I want access to your teleporter plans, please post in Off-Topic, could be cheaper than airfare dependant on location.
how does that cat sound? is he tube or solid state? or both?  looks to me like hes coil based, like a mixer board from the 70s.
where do you plug in  :laughing7: on second thought i don't want to know.
There are only a very few tremolo bridges for seven-string guitars, and Warmoth only sells & routes for the Floyd Rose ones. That route is a lot different on the top than for a "standard", wider variant on a two-post Fender American or Wilkinson-type bridge. I could have sent the actual bridge to them and had them sink the posts, but it's all special tooling to them.,Product.asp

In the amount of time it would take me working to make the $300 they want to dig a slot and a few holes, I could do it myself with a Swiss army knife (and more-or-less will.... :icon_biggrin:)
The cat is obviously jealous about the fact that both the guitars get a mat each. 

*cough* tobacco sunburst *cough*