The Lunarcaster... really cool, or just tacky?


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I'm thinking of this idea for a guitar to make for my father-in-law.  He is an incredible player, but a little bit crazy.  He's really into things from space... aliens, the moon, etc.  He used to do this show where he'd dress up as "The Man from Mars".

So this guitar would take up that theme.  And seeing it in my head, it could be really really cool -- a work of art.  Or it might just look stupid!

The idea is to be sort of like the surface of the moon or a planet, looking into space.  But without being "a painting".  The lower part (treble side) of the body is a bursted red-yellow, arcing across about half of the body.  I see this as being like almost like a watercolor effect (which I don't know whether possible to achieve).  Above that 'planet surface' is black, the blackness of space.  Possibly there are some very small MOP or abalone inlays in the black representing stars (these would not be "star-shaped"!)

What do you think -- Cool or Fool?

If I decided to try this, one small obstacle might be the fact that I have no experience or skill to pull it off.  :doh:

But I seem to be obsessing about it.  So I think when (if!) I finish my current build, I am going to grab some scrap wood and play around with it.


nathan a

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I think it has definite cool potential, as long as it is executed really nicely. If not, it will fall fool, unfortunately.


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I think you can pull it off if you do some homework, ie....reading, practice on some scrap wood, then talk Tonar into doing it for you.

I actually was able to follow your vision and it does sound cool, A flying V headstock would be a must.  And use a rear routed body for a bigger picture. MOP inlays might need to be replaced with paint or maybe strategically placed "Flake"  something you can find in a craft store......Take your time and you can do it, Good luck keep us posted


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Yea, I think it could be cool as well - a lot less tacky than, say, a rocket shaped guitar.

I also agree that the ultimate solution is to get Tonar to do it for you  :icon_biggrin:


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Definitely sounds cool, you should try for a concept sketch so you can tweak it.  :icon_thumright:


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Sounds cool. I however would do something a bit more subtle. Perhaps a trans purple with a black burstover birdseye maple body to simulate a nebula. For the neck, I would choose ebony for the fretboard, and have the fretboard custom inlaid with something like
black hardware to keep it subtle and not too keech.