The hobocaster


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Here's one of the guitars we have sitting around the shop.  It has been used as a test bed for various pickups.  It currently has a set of Lindy Fralin Blues pickups.  The neck is bocote with Planet Waves tuners.

You'll note the body has been 'reliced'.  I've been researching reliced instruments for some time and this reflects some of my experiments.  Additional damage courtesy of Spike.  The man knows how to sling a strat body!!!


Love the standard jack rout left empty, and the jack out of the pickguard.

Straight-into-the-top jack guitars are so sexy.
Although I like so much beautifull guitar with really nice exotic tops, blábláblá, I still like that kind of a visual "SRV surfing on the stage with his guitar"  :laughing3:
And you care much more less with it, so you can rock much more...
I love the look, and I bet it sounds pretty darn good as well, nice looking Relic job, so who's got dibs on it if ya sell????? :kewlpics:
That guitar just continually gets unassembled and reassmebled with different parts all the time. It'll undoubtedly be here for years.
Wow, I just plugged this guitar straight into a 59 Fender Bassman and jammed for an hour. It sounds awesome with the Fralins. What a blast. I think I have yet another dream guitar to build!  :icon_thumright:
Gosh Darn it, just when I made up my mind and decided Fender 54/69's over Fralins, ya got me stressin Im thinkin..........hmmmmmmmm, .......Fralins to be or not to be, Fender 54/69's to be or not to be...........aghhhhhh.....oh brother.......
reminds me of the ole, rosana ana dana  Staurday Night skit,.......("My father always told me...., If its not one thing , its another........")

The set currently in the hobo are the Blues strat set.  I have to agree with Gregg, they sound absolutely awesome and would be my first choice for a vintage strat project.

Always Great to hear from guys who are in the know, Im sure both the Fenders and Fralins sound Great, both Tops for Strats, no doubt...

I do Like what I've heard about the Blues set, and wonder about his Steel pole sets as well, and obviously Fender 54/69's are Choice.

What I dig about the hobocaster is the personal touch of Bocote, and of course the relic job,which Im absolutely sure helps to contribute to its tone...hehehheehehehehh,   theres something about aging a guitar that somehow makes it better, a nice job with the paint....I would rub a little dry dirt on my hands and go over the bare wood as well, and maybe toss a set of keys at it every now and then, maybe even do a cigarette -bowl- burn......heheheheheehehe......Some spilled beer may even help it along.....its definantly Cool.... :headbang:
Hey Beast, I've seen your guitar, it's beautifull, how about some more pics with some bowl burns and key scratches in that fine baby? :icon_smile:

Im not ready to relic that guitar anytime soon, It wouldn't look good as a relic, maybe in time, but shiny Poly dosn't seem to look nice reliced.......but most of those suggestions are just for Real Relic Ideas, not that they should be used on any guitar in particular, just things I actually read a guy who specializes in relics said he uses to relic some guitars.... :icon_smile:

But maybe when its buried in the gallery, I will do some relicing just so I can take some more pics and put it back at the top of the list so you guy's can role your eyes at having to look at it again.....hahahahaahhahahha.......(not again).....hahahaahahahh
I know some people are really into relics, i think the original intent of wanting a relic is that someone is getting an old classic instrument that was supposedly built better back then than they do now, (not true) and has cured over time and is tonaly as good as it will get, 

If I got my hands on a worn paint, scratched up relic. I believe I would strip it down and refinish it.

I like my shine and luster,,,, wrote a song about it like to hear it here it goes :guitaristgif:

Superbeast520 said:
I do Like what I've heard about the Blues set, and wonder about his Steel pole sets as well, and obviously Fender 54/69's are Choice.
If you are looking for single coils, try the Kinmans, my #1 choice these days. He has a site with lots of useful infos. The noiseless feature is just a bonus, they sound amazing! The Van Zants are also very good pickups, I have heard them on Warmoth strats and they rock. Still to listen Fralins although I want it since the mid 90's...