Telecaster pickup wiring


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I am using a set of Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster pickups in my current project.  The wiring diagram included with the pickups shows the use of a blend control instead of tone.  My MIM Tele has the newer setup with the tone control.  On the Seymour Duncan site (I found this while searching for wiring configurations) there are a number of other options including the '53 setup.

Has anyone else tried these different setups with the Nocasters?
Does anyone have any thoughts / recommendations on which configuration I should use?

Any feedback gratefully accepted.  :help:

BLUE313 has supplied me with his 4 way switch diagram that he used on his Tele.  Looks the bees knees  :hello2:
Here's an even better (one more sound, same number of controls): I'll use it on any tele from now on. Requires the stew mac mega switch.
Yup. Look up my baritone tele. Works great, the series out of phase is good, has a similar volume as regular parallel but lots of cool quackiness.
Just had a look at the Baritone - real nice with that long neck!  :icon_thumright:

I will get a 5 way switch - do I need the StewMac or will a standard 5 way strat switch suffice?
chrisg said:
will a standard 5 way strat switch suffice?

No. A regular strat switch absolutely will not work for that wiring.  You might be able to tear up your control cover to get a standard strat super switch. But of course, if Stewmac sells a Tele super switch, that would probably be the best route. Why take any chances?