Tele with SC sized Hums in parallel


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Okay I'm trying to hook up my tele with 2 single coiled sized humbuckers (a little 59 at the bridge and a Vintage rails at the neck)

Now thats fine, but what I want to do is use a push/pull pot to make the bridge humbuckers coils run in parallel with one another when the switch is up. I'm fine just for the vintage rails to run in series as it sounds like a SC anyway.

Does anybody have any idea how I would do the above, still using a standard tele 3 way selector switch. I think it sounds pretty simple but I can't find a suitable diagram or much info for this kind of setup!

Any help much appreciated!!!

Theres a million wiring diagrams on the web.

I dont think theres a lot of difference between the series or parallel sound, series will have just a slight bit more punch, but not much. On my guitar I can only hear a difference when the strings are attacked aggresivly.

However, I must say I am series and paralleling the two bobbins on one humbucker, not two separate pickups
i think seymour duncan has that one.
they also send a set of diagrams with there humbuckers that you can use for the bridge p/u to the push pull pot. then run your hot from the switch to the 3-way. in the same location as the original p/u.
I love the parallel sound from a humbucker, so much so that I'm going to be building my next Warmoth 7-string with on/on/on mini switches so I can get that. The parallel setting gives back a good bit of the high end frequencies that a normal series-wired humbucking munches, in my opinion. If your amp/rig is set to roll off the higher frequencies, it might not make much difference. The parallel-wired HB's used to be Paul Gilbert's favorite, I'm not sure how his current signature Ibanez is wired though.