Tele with rear route AND top route?


About to put in an order for a tele body and was considering getting a top route and rear route, together. Warmoth tells me they can do this but thought I'd ask here first if anyone has any experience with this.


I'd like the easy access of a rear route (and may someday put some additional custom electronics in) but want to keep the look of a standard tele.

Thoughts? Any downsides to doing this?
Actually, no.... rear and top route for the controls so I can use a standard plate but still be able to access it from the back. More room for more electronics in the future.
I can’t remember who but there used to be a Strat style guitar that had a rear rout so you could tweak the electronics with the strings on
Basically. But routed through at the plate area like a normal Tele. No wood between the plate and the rear route.

My thoughts. If you are using a Tele control plate, if you changed any of the pots or switch down the road, you would still need to remove it despite having access from the rear.

Rear access of the type described might allow some minor changes, but you would have limited access, leading to having to once again probably having to remove the control plate to make any useful changes.

Given that a control plate is easy to remove or swap out, you most likely will gain less than you imagine.

Other than that, if it floats your boat, then just go for it.
The thing is, either way, two screws and you are into the wiring. You would be better off with a back routed comtrl cavity and not top plate
I can imagine a front tele route with a les Paul back route allowing modding by drilling of new holes for add-ons.
Thanks for the feedback all.

It's not as much about easier or not to get to the electronics. Tele's are pretty easy as it is.

It's more about extra space for future electronic additions (like an Andy Summers-style pre-amp) and even a little extra weight reduction (getting a chambered body).

Actually...wait a minute...the Andy Summers Tele must already be basically this. It was a standard tele route with a rear route added later. So I'm just asking Warmoth to do them at the same time.

Happy to post photos of it when it gets here in "6-7 weeks". eternity.
@cbgrey if it is about having extra space for preamps and the like having the rear of a normal Tele cavity opened up is not going to give you much at all in terms of space or weight relief.

What was mentioned earlier would get you closer.
What you want is basically the rear cavity route with the space for the plate on top to maintain the aesthetic , correct?
Perhaps review what you have actually ordered with Warmoth sales and change it if this extra information has changed your mind. You could reference this thread to verify with sales.

The Andy Summers Tele looks something like this.


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