Tele with Bigsby B5


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Here's an older Warmtoh Tele I built about 2 years ago:



Alder body, finished with oil/wax; white pearl hybrid pickguard; reversed control plate.
Bigsby B5; notched Wilkinson ashtray bridge with compensated saddles; Wilkinson EZ-Lok tuners.
LeosSounds MudCat pickups; Fender 4-way switch.
Maple neck w/ rosewood board, 1-3/4" wide; Graphtec nut; med. jumbo SS frets.
Nothing makes a Tele roar better than a honkin' huge low E string.

I have a dislike of Bigsby's that borders on the psychotic, but THIS guitar I love!
That's great. Tell us about that foxy looking amp and cab.
neilium said:
That's great. Tell us about that foxy looking amp and cab.

The amp is a Weber 6M45 - a JTM45 clone that I built from a kit (and modded a bit, for tighter bass); built that cab from scratch (the wood is just cheapo pine from the hardware store that I painted to look like mahogany).

The cab is an old Hohner Orgaphon Box 60 - German made, from the mid-'60s. Got it for next to nothing because the speakers were broken; mounted a 12" Eminence Legend 121 and a 10" Legend 105 in there, sounds great!
Wow, man custom from guitar to amp to cab, Love it all!!!