Tele plate


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I need to figure out if a Tele's control plate is long enough for me to add another pot between the two standard ones. I'm all but certain I'll be using three Fender Deluxe amp knobs; maybe Mustang/Jazz Bass knobs.
Maybe use three mini pots from Stew Mac?
Mini pots would fit, but full size ones are going to be the tightest of tight squeezes.  You have to run the lugs toward each other on a tele plate.  There's no room to put them "sideways", neither will they face the switch or the tail end of the route.  To fit another pot in there... brotha, it "may" work, but think in terms of going through pains in not letting things touch.

What controls are you looking for?  Maybe a concentric pot (Jass bass style) will work.
Concentrics were an original thought, but I not big on plain chrome knobs. I've got single pots with chrome domes on my Carvin and a concentric on my Wishbass, so now it's time for knobs with "character!" This Tele is going to be moody! The main inspiration is Muddy Waters' own Tele; 50s ash body, 60s neck w/rosewood board, and Fender amp knobs.
What I originally wanted was separate volumes and tones for each p/up. And I do want it top routed, and that means limited plate space. I've thought about leaving out the switch and putting four pots in a custom plate.
How about... two plates?  Doubles.  Use the second switch for something creative.