Tele neck shape advice needed

Chris of Arabia

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Hey, looks good in here - very shiny and modern. Should look good once it's got a few homely touches going...  8)

I'm currently putting together the spec for a new Warmoth Tele that I want to build, but as always, neck shape is a bit of a puzzler for me. I'm looking for something very similar to the Classic Player Baja Tele I have, which is described as being a soft 50's 'V' in the official literature and as "a big neck" by just about everybody else. Is there anyone here who has had their hands on the Baja and various Warmoth shapes to point me towards the most similar shape - I'm guessing either the boatneck or fatback, but the measurements look huge? BTW, the Baja neck feels nothing like the 'Clapton' which feels very angular in comparison.

Hey Chris, My thoughts would lean towards the Boatneck, being that it has a bit of a soft V to it, I own a Fatback,
but with a 1 5/8ths nut and it dosn't seem overly big, just nice and Fat, so as far as feel and playability go for a
Boatneck or Fatback, I would suggest the narrower nut width if your hands are smaller or your concerned about it
being too thick.
  Though if you use a 1  11/16ths now I wouldn't sweat the difference,  it is a thicker neck but not to the point of you thinking,  
   Wow ! or anything like that, it just fills the hand up nicely and gives some leverage for bending etc., I do a variety of styles,
  Bluesy, Shred, Neo....etc.  and it dosn't interfere with playing at all, just seems to add a little extra tone and sustain
  and a nice comfy feel when its bending time.  Don't know how it compares to the Tele your speaking of but thats what I know
  about the Fatback, which for information purposes, is the same thickness as the Boatneck but with more of a U or D shape.
  Hope that helps, later. :)
Thanks for that. I'd drawn the conclusion that the boatneck was probably the best direction to go in with this one. Although I've always thought of the Clapton as a big neck, when I was playing it today, I realised that it's not the size I'm noticing, more the shape and that even though the boatneck is a little larger in depth, it will have a rather more gentle profle to it. As it happens, there's a very nice birdseye maple boatneck with a straight 10.5" radius that I have my eye one that should be just the ticket.