Tele Fender Texas Special


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I just installed to my new Tele  a set of Tele Fender Texas Special. The whole set seems to have less output than my other axes.
But the biggest diappointment is bridge pickup. It does terribly squeel, works more like a microphone than a pickup. I don'thave too much
experience with Tele style guitars but seems like either i did sth wrong or it's nature is like that but i don't like it. I followed original Fender wiring diagrams. Thanks in advance ofr your suggestions.
Doesn't make sense, the Texas Special Tele set is rated at pretty high output for single coils, you have a picture or a link to the wiring diagram you used?
It's wired according to a brochure attached to the box. I'm in the office now and the brochure's at home. I wil scan and upload that diagram soon. I have spoken to a guy who sells pickups and he said there may be a short circuit  in the coil. I will de-solder wires, check resinstances and put it back together and should this still fail and will claim the pickups at  the dealer.
Do you have the yellow ground from the neck pickup and the black ground from the bridge pickup tied to a common ground, like the back of the Volume pot? I think there should be an additional ground between the backs of the volume/tone pots.

There are some much better Tele wiring diagram on this page at Seymour Duncan:
Thanks Jackthehack for your suggestions. I re-wired it, lifted up the pickups up and all problems disappeared. Still have some doubts about Tele wiring but moved with them to wiring section of this forum. Thanks again and keep rockin'
I suggest following the guideline on the Fender sheet with the pickup - for the pickup elevation.  They say the magnetic pull, very concentrated, can throw the intonation off, add weird harmonics.. if the pickup is too close to the string.
CB. The squeel happened when the bridge pickup was down in the cavity. I also noticed a loose solder on one of switch's pins. I have already wired several guitar and never experienced such problems  but anyway i was lucky to find a 4 way switch at my local bidding site and should get it soon. I have seen many times 4 way tele switch but never payed attention to what it's for thinking that it's dedicated for tricks like humbucker coil splitting etc. Now i know that it allows phase/out of phase mod and gonna try this.This is my first tele and still learning a lot.
if the squeal happened then, its probably a spring being loose because the pickup is down low.  If the pickup is set to the spec (or slightly lower) the springs should be tight enough