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Looks like a Tele Deluxe but it has the big Thinline chambers inside! Mahogany on Mahogany with a one piece Wenge neck! It's powered by a Rio Grande Tallboy in the neck position and a Muy Grande in the Bridge position. This a resonating joy to play! Probably the most character driven guitar I've ever played.
NonsenseTele said:
:D Beautifull!!! Hey Gregg, how about the Rio Grande Pick ups? They are as good as Duncan?
Duncans are good pickups. I used JB humbuckers longer than any other pickup in my guitars. I'm a fan of the SD Alnico II Pro humbuckers too.

I do dig the character that I can bring out of a guitar with Rio Grandes. Both have great attributes but right now I do find that I am playing more with Rio Grandes.
givememytoys said:
thats a nice combo that neck rocks is raw how dose it feel thanks kayle
The neck grain on Wenge is really open. I wasn't sure at first how this was going to feel to play on when I bought my first Wenge neck a few years ago but boy was I surpised. I never thought about the less surface area you are in contact with the more your thumb "glides" along the back. I've been playing for decades and never had a problem of over-shooting when moving my hand to different positions until this neck. It's an awesome experience. This neck here on the Tele Deluxe happens to be a 1 piece Vintage modern. That means there is no fingerboard. The entire thickness is made from a single piece of Wenge. It just rings and barks. I put Stainless Steel frets on it of course like all my builds to keep the slick feel happening and I'll never have to re-fret it. It's definately a keeper.
I did not see any string trees on the neck.  What kind of nut are you using and does it matter in general if you put the trees on?
Patrick from Davis

You would have to call into Warmoth and talk to a sales guy to see if they would be willing to try and make one again.
True. But actually, I already sold the body, though I did keep that Wenge neck. I've come to the conclusion that Tele body shapes just aren't my thing.