Surface-mount Wilky Trem Question


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After much gnashing of teeth and fretting (pardon the pun) over what to get, I have it all ironed out and the order will be in (hopefully) by the end of the week!  Hurray!!

My last question for this group is:  What do you use on the underside of the bridge plate on a surface-mount tremolo to keep it from marring the finish when it rests on the body of the guitar?  I was thinking of a thin (1/16") dense foam with one side self-adhesive.

Any thoughts on what to use and where it could be sourced?

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Eric "GuitarEC" C
I dont use anything, I want that bridge to rest solidly on the body, that way there's a definate spot for things to be tuned to. Don't want the bridge floating sharp and flat, And besides, the finnish under the bridge is not seen, and hopefully no particles of dirt there to screw up the finnish anyway.

If your worried about the finnish under the bridge, then you probably wanna put a pickguard on top of your pickguard to keep the first one perfect.
As long as you don't dive all the way down and then let it snap back into place, it'll be fine.  Fender has done their strats the same way with no ill effects for many moons now, so I don't think it's really a problem, at least I haven't noticed anything.

Many thanks for the thoughts - I'll just need to make sure the back end of the underside of the base plate has no burrs or such...

Also, this will be used on a VIP body - no pick-guard, but the point is well made and understood.  Thanks!

Eric "GuitarEC"