Superstrat Build

BIG Dave

Now that the summer is over, I‘m looking forward to doing a fall/winter build. Decided on a Van Halen inspired Super Strat; Strat body, one humbucker, one knob, Floyd Rose, maple neck. I’ve developed back issues over the years so an ultralight body is essential. I paid the $40 upcharge for lightweight Swamp Ash and was delighted the body came in at 3 LBs, 3.7 Oz. Not looking to do an exact replica of Eddie’s guitar, but the same general theme. So far, the plan is:

* Warmoth body
* EVH (by Fender) Striped Series quartersawn maple neck
* Seymour Duncan ‘78 Custom Shop Humbucker
* Single Coil Phenolic Neck Pickup (not connected)
* Floyd Rose Original
* One pot - volume
* Black coat - Duplicolor Universal Black BUN0100
* Tape to creates stripes, then paint Duplicolor Whimbeldon White BFM0041
* Additional tape to create more stripes, then paint Duplicolor Super Red II BTY1560

More to follow…


When I purchased the EVH neck, I wasn’t aware that it didn’t have the “Fender Standard” heel. After receiving it, I noticed the extended squared-off heal, looks like about 1/4“ longer than standard. I can’t shorten the neck due to the truss rod wheel, so that leaves routing the body. Hope my router skills are up to par!

Below is a Fender ‘57 USA Vintage Reissue neck from 2002 (top), and the EVH Striped Series neck (bottom):

By the way, here’s a build I did a couple years ago:

* Warmoth Swamp Ash Strat body
* Gracey’s Finishes
* Fender Player neck with Floyd Rose nut
* Floyd Rose Original
* Seymour Duncan ‘78 and Fender Fat 50’s pickups

I can pay shipping if you send me that Klon.

That‘s a very generous offer! ;)

But seriously, I got very lucky with that pedal. I live about an hour from where Bill Finnegan started building his Klon pedals back in 1994. I was intrigued by the looks of it more than anything, but I hadn’t heard one at that point. Then one day I saw an ad in a local Buy/Sell bulletin board (this was sometime in the mid to late 90’s) for a used “Klon Centaur Guitar Pedal”, with box and papers, asking $200. That wasn’t much less than the price of a new one ($255), but when you add in tax and shipping, it would save me about $50 compared to a new one. So I responded. His reponse - “Oh sorry, it’s sold, the guy is coming tonight to pick it up”. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just buy a new one. Then the next morning he emailed me again, “The guy didn’t show up last night, if you still want it, it’s yours”. So we met, I paid him $200 (I didn't feel like haggling), but before leaving I asked why he was selling it. His response - “I upgraded to a Clark Gainster!” :oops:

So, I still have that pedal, still have the papers, Bill Finnegan’s business card with fax number, and original box. I’ve tried various Klon clones over the years, and although I hear a slight difference in some of them (usually very slight), no one in the audience would ever know the difference between a real and a clone. Might as well gig with a clone!

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