Super Tele



Hey all

I just found this forum through Harmony Central where I'm a regular under the same user name. I just thought you guys might want to see my Warmoth super tele  :headbang:

Here are some of the specs:
Hollow extra light ash tele body with AAA quilt maple top
Contoured Heel
Body binding
Black-Red-Yellow sunburst top
Warmoth Pro tele neck with 24 fret extension
SS frets
Original Floyd
Gotoh tuners






I will never ge a post before superbeast, he's all over it.

Awesome Tele Man. I love the Volume only knob. I am really considering Volume only on most future Guitars.

your color choice and neck are awesome, very clean neat and to the point. I love it.

Just curious, why do you guy's not like the tone knob?????  I noticed the guy's that play EMG's are the ones saying it the pickups, or the style of music?????  just curious??????

Hey Alfang,... thats the privilege of being kept and having nothing but time, and alot of free hours in front of a computer...hahahahaahaa
but the downfall is they always know what your up too.....hahahahaahaahahah, no hanky panky allowed..heheeheheheheehe.......

just free music gear and time to woodshed..............(Im in heaven :laughing11:..........most days :laughing7:)..........
That is super clean. What a nice, nice build. It's funny, you have guys building guitars to try and get the most tonal and playing flexibility, then you have these incredibly focussed projects that really make a statement of purpose. You can practically hear this thing by just looking at it.

Welcome to the board, you make quiet an entrance Crappymonkey! If you have more Warmoth brothers over at HC, let them know about this board!
Thanks guys. I find with just one volume knob I use the controlls more than on my other guitars that are covered with volume and tone knobs. It's simpler and all you need to do is turn the volume down to clean up the sound or up for some dirt without having to think about where the other knobs are set.

The cool thing is that with the volume rolled off, the guitar actually sounds like a normal tele  :eek:
i totaly understand the simplicity of this guitar im a one vol knob guy thats a nice guit thanks for letting us look at her
A very beautiful guitars - INDEED!

And I'm a big fan of 'the less knobs the better' too
I'm not a fan of the EMG pups or the Floyd ( to each his own )
but that real nice there, man!
Don't know if you're still out there or not Crappymonkey, but this is one bitchin' tele...

Even with the tele style headstock I'd rock this axe... :icon_thumright: Might look a bit sweeter with a canary neck...... :laughing7:
Super Turbo Deluxe Custom said:
That wood, pickup, bridge, # of frets, and control layout are very popular.

Spotted this one in the gallery some time back, I like it even better. That blue quilt with the white binding and maple neck just kicks ass... :headbang1:
I didn't mean for a Hi-jack, but those are both business only, no non-sense Teles.  Probably not a whole lot of rhythm playing or I-IV-Ving going on with those.
Super Turbo Deluxe Custom said:
I didn't mean for a Hi-jack, but those are both business only, no non-sense Teles.  Probably not a whole lot of rhythm playing or I-IV-Ving going on with those.
i bet u'r right, those are solo riff monsters ibeguessin'..... :guitarplayer2: