sunburst vintage strat body


Just thought I'd share a "just out of the box" photo.  This is my first order from warmoth and I'm utterly impressed.  I've finished the guitar since the photo was taken (using a temp neck while waiting for the real neck from warmoth), and personally I've never seen such a pleasing sunburst finish on a "real" fender in my life.  Thanks to everyone at warmoth (its order #127576 if anyone from warmoth is reading).


Also, heres a photo of the finished product (excluding the warmoth neck which is yet to arrive).  For anyone interested - its using only callaham hardware/pickups.  The temporary neck is off an old squire.  I'm extremely pleased with the sonics so easy to dial up all the classic strat sounds - and the tone is better than I couldve hoped for.  Dealing with both callaham and warmoth was smooth and effortless.  Thanks again to all the staff at warmoth.

Looks cool man, What kind of neck you going for?

Heard lots of good stuff about Callaham, I find his web page a bit annoying but he clearly takes a lot of care in his products.