Summer Project #2


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Well I got my plan now - this one is the keeper, the others I'll finish and send on to other homes. 3lb 11 oz, chambered mahogany / flame. Wetted a bit with naphtha to clean it up and see how 'red' the mahogany is.
I'm thinking amber dye along the lines of dmraco's LPS for the top and just clear on the back - I really like that reddish natural look. Other finishing opinions? I am tempted to try cherry burst but, on the other hand, that's a PITA, and I already have two bursts in the family. I've also loved the recent blue dye jobs I've seen on here, but not convinced that's the right direction.

Rest of it: I'll make the other decisions once I get it finish, but if I do go with amber dye on the top, maybe black or black pearl guard, Callaham bridge, Dimarzio Area T bridge and a lower output PAF style in the neck position. I'm leaning towards maybe a 24.75 '59 tele neck with 6130 frets and some exotic combo. I might get the body together and do a bit of neck swapping to see what feels / sounds best on this one.