String Retainer tight?


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Just a quick question with string retainers...I found alot of info on pros/cons of them on straight headstocks...I've ordered a set of 2 for my telecaster project, but I'm not sure on a couple of things...

When installing, whereabouts on the headstock do I put them?  Is it a science? Or pretty much somewhere along the line of tuners?

Also, when I'm installing them, how much tension do I put on the strings?  Everything I've read so far about them pretty much states that they're there to make sure strings don't run out of the nut. 

Thanks everyone!
string retainers do not add tension to your strings unless you tune your guitar, put the tees on, and then don't retune. When you tune the guitar again, the tension will be the same.
There's no set location.  Put them on where they look good and still hold the strings in the nut.  BTW, I just use the E-B retainer on my teles.  I put them around where the 'A' tuner is.
I mount my string trees on little springs instead of those little studs that come with them. This allows me to adjust the string tree height(s) so I get a good break angle over the nut with all of the strings having the same angle. I think it works great I only wish it was my idea. I got it from one of the books I got from one of Dan Erlewine's books. I can't remember which one at the moment.