string ferrules


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does the warmoth tele body come with string ferrules or should i order them seperately?
so which is the right one in this :
I do have one piece of advice about the string ferrules.
Do not try to hammer them in, if you have a standard poly finish on the body.  :sad:  (Paint will be lost if you do)
vtpcnk said:
so which is the right one in this :

If you are having the Tele routed in the normal Telecaster bridge style, parts GSF1,C, or B, or G are the ones to get. They fit at the rear of the body.

The other ones are for the top of the body and used on the string through rout and recessed Tune O Matic bridge option that Warmoth offer for flat top bodies.
When it's time to put them in,  do a search on the soldering iron trick.  That's the best technique for string ferrules.