Strat Wiring ?


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Hey all, I am currently using a 3 single coil pick up combo on my project. I was thinking of simplifying it down to 1 volume and 1 tone control. I am wiring it from this schematic:,_pickups/Supplies:_Wiring_kits/1/Wiring_Kit_for_Flametop-S_Rear-routed_Guitar_Bodies/Instructions/I-0143.html#details

Question is, does this alter the tone? Do you need the 3 control combo to contribute to the strat sound?

Thanks in advance
Not the world's greatest wiring diagram, here's a better one if you want to go single vol/tone pots on an S-S-S Strat setup:

All that you're doing differently from a std. Strat wiring setup is sharing the tone pot and adding it's availability to the bridge PU; with std. wiring the two tone pots are used with the neck/mid PUs and the bridge PU doesn't use a tone pot, but plays straight through.

This configuration adds the ability to roll treble frequencies off of the bridge PU, too, the only other difference is that you cannot set different tone pot settings between the neck/mid position in the 2 position of the 5 way switch, and adds the tone pot setting to the bridge PU in the 4 position of the 5 way switch.

Unless you spend a lot of time in the "in between" 2 & 4 positions of the 5 way switch there's no change in the "Strat sound", all other things being equal, you're mainly adding the ability to roll treble off the bridge PU, that's the major difference.

Thanks for the info. To further stretch this out. Can you take a look at this:

It is off a Fender Strat. If you notice it has the tone pots coming off of different spots on the switch. Part of me says that this is just a mechanism to channel the signal through from the various inputs (pickups) to the output jack, but part of me thinks this might add to that distinct tone. Any thoughts?
That's just 100% stock Strat wiring, other than it shows a .022 cap rather than the more std. .047/.050 cap...