Strat style for a jazzier style.

DP103 should be better, especially if the mounting height can be kept low. Probably nice with both pickups selected. Please keep the thread updated!
I went with the Vintage Pearl...although I was eyeballing the White Pearl also.
The Tortoise that I had originally was too dark for the Honey Burst made it look "washed out".
The White Pearl may show up if I require "Formal Attire"!
DP103 should be better, especially if the mounting height can be kept low. Probably nice with both pickups selected. Please keep the thread updated!
Fingers crossed!
I'll definitely keep the forum updated!
The questions and exchange of information here has been really valuable. It's kept me questioning my reasons and thought process.
Well, still waiting on the DP103.
I put the project away. Haven’t seen/heard it for over a week. That should reignite the excitement!
I’ll keep you posted…
Dang! Still waiting for the exchange pickup from DiMarzio.
Maybe the ether is telling me to go with the single pickup.
I did order and receive a single pickup pick guard from Warmoth so I'm ready to go on that if I choose.
Happy New Year everyone! All the best!
Finally...I put strings on the latest revision this morning and have been putting the guitar through its paces.
(Probably not the wisest thing to do as the wife is not up yet. Poor girl, she could be down here enjoying the new tones too!!! She's probably up there NOT enjoying the new tones. But that's another that will solve itself over time. I'm sure I don't need confirmation from the forum that 5:30AM is NOT to early to be testing/jamming.)
I'm finally happy with the results. I'll get pics and specs posted hopefully this afternoon.
What a journey!
This build was first inspired by Mike Stern. I’ve followed his music and have read/heard many interviews. His thoughts on his signature Yamaha guitars led me down the path for “A Strat style guitar for a jazzier tone”. However, after a lifetime of playing too many variations of guitars, I have come to the personal truth that I really don’t like long scale guitars. So…this build was birthed!
Successful? Yes! The middle pickup is just a brighter brother. The series/parallel on both adds air! I’m happy with tone. The ergonomics? I really don’t like the size and placement of the stacked pots…another project for a later date!

-Ash Strat body, bathtub route. Gibson scale maple neck, maple fret board.
-Schaller locking tuners. Not needed but found a good deal.
-Late model Srat String Tree. Probably not necessary with the staggered tuners but I didn’t like the break angle of the E and B string without it.
-Highwood Strat Saddles. They feel great under the palm.
-Two DiMarzio DP103’s.
-Stacked tone and volume pots.
-3 way switch.
-Series/Parallel DPDT on both pickups.
-50’s wiring on neck pickup, modern on middle. The middle pickup was a bit nasal with 50’s wiring, changing to modern tamed that.
-Much thanks to the forum for the thumbs ups and overall encouragement! Taking the time to comment on all builds, not just this one, provided a wealth of knowledge and encouragement.

-Hodgos thought process on the series/parallel question.
-JohnnyHardtail for several comments that offered food for thought.
-VanHeGen for several comments but mostly for the organization that was displayed in his build of “Coffee”. That really brought me back to my pre-retirement method of working…Thanks!


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It looks good overall. Glad it ended up working out for you with the series/parallel for the middle pickup.
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I like the style of your final pickguard and wood combination.
The color can look "washed out" in certain light. I found the lighter color pick guard minimizes that effect. I had considered white pearl but the antique seems to bring the colors together pretty well. Thanks!