strat pickguard/covers color choices

nathan a

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I'm changing the pickups in my strat, and I want opinions from the gallery on pickguard + pup cover color choices. I don't want to do anything flashy or fancy on this guitar. Simple. Black, white, cream, those are pretty much my options.

No photos of my own strat (fender, not warmoth). But this is basically it, except my finish is translucent

And now the options are change pups but keep white guard/ white covers, or.... (pardon poor MS Paint jobs)



Those are the basic ideas. But maybe cream pup covers like this...?

So what do you think? All white, white + black, black + white, or all cream? More I think about it, I kinda just want to leave it all white.. or I guess I could do all parchment... Help.
This is just my 2cents...... I don't think mixing colors on strats works real well. Cream everything would work with blue, otherwise leave it alone.
With that colour I think you realistically should go for either all white or white with the aged parts. The black just looks odd to me.
You forgot - black picguard with black covers , knobs and tip......

The all white looks good.

I like the black pickguard with whte parts, but would like to see the alll black option too