Strat or Soloist body with 24.75" neck


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Wanting to build a Strat or Soloist with a 24.75" neck. Anyone done it? Any pics?

The guitar in my sig has a 24.75" neck w/ narrow space bridge. I've grown to really like this setup, but looking to use a Strat / Soloist body, possibly with a Floyd.
I can’t help you on the 24.75” thing, but here is a soloist and strat side by side. The soloist does look and feel smaller and sleeker by a bit. Ultimately neither will look that different with a 24.75” scale neck. The 0.75” doesn’t change the visual balance that much.


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I am following this thread with interest, as I am planning a Soloist build with a 24.75” neck, myself. However, mine would have Floyd (+ locking nut).

The only negative I have heard was that it can ”feel visually” different when you are looking at say the 12th fret on a Soloist (which has a more pointy body) vs say a Les Paul.
And then some people were wondering if the strings might feel ”too slinky” on a 24.75” with locking nut, as the ”string length” from nut to bridge is shorter.

So far those comments have not scared me away from my plans, as that shorter scale fits me better. I am more used it, and for example when playing Hendrix-y cords using a pinky, or three-note legato over five frets I have to stretch a bit more on a 25.5” scale guitar. That is probably because of my bad technique :) but it is a fact.
9-42 strings feel really nice on the 24.75 scale guitar. It's a pleasant change for me.
I am used to playing a Gibson-style guitar with 9-42’s, so I like it, too. However, I have never played a 24.75 scale guitar with a locking nut, and I guess the guitar that you have @rauchman does not have a locking nut, either, or?
24.75" scale conversion necks are the shiz.

I got my first one, and now I want to replace the necks on my 2 other warmoths.

Re: bodies: for my third build, I wanted something not a strat, a bass horn and with a bigger treble cutaway. It came down to the soloist and vip. The more I looked at it, the soloist was still too strat like for me.