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GuitarEC said:
I ended up changing that wiring diagram (switching positions 1 and 3 - being that the bridge pick-up along would be the more used, I wanted it on the end).  I've got a copy of it somewhere on my PC - let me know if you're still interested...

Also, I ended up getting my rotary switch from Stewart-MacDonald.  But the luthier who put the whole thing together for me needed to countersink the control holes in the cavity for the thing to come through.  And also the clearance needed by the switch limited it placement to that bottom control hole.  If you want your elsewhere, I would recommend you have your body shipped without the control holes pre-drilled.

Just my observations,

Eric "GuitarEC"

P.S.  If you want a larger version of the picture, let me know and I'll send you the original.

Hi, thanks for the info :) I alsmost always ask for no holes drilled, I tend to rearrange stuff at a moments notice. But I think many guys here would like to see more pics of your guitar! the neck and back for example. its one sweet, sweet, sweet axe!
I used to lust after PRS's, but after seeing pictures like yours....fugeddaboudit !!!

(Looks like an ad promo for Warmoth)  praise and worship )
Hey, wow Priebster - hadn't thought of that...

Hey Gregg, how much you guys pay for promo pics?  :laughing7:

Again, thanks to everyone here who helped me make my idea into the perfect guitar.  Thanks to all the folks at Warmoth for working to answer all my questions (some of which, I'm sure they's had to answer a billion times before).  And that to everyone here for the great feedback.

Eric "GuitarEC"