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This is my first post. I'm sure I will around lot in a few weeks when the order I placed today for my first build arrives :)

Brief particulars -- Tele build, chambered Mahogany with Pau Ferro top, rear route, standard Tele controls, black binding, tummy cut, neck is same wood combination (Pau Ferro fret board), SRV, 6105, Gotoh/Grover, 22 frets, 10-16" Compound Radius, etc. Clear gloss on both. Black hardware all around. Still deciding on pups. Going to use a Toneshaper drop-in IC board for electronics (have one in my Strat and love it).

My concern is regarding the inlays on the neck. I *really* wanted MOP dots AND a MOP Celtic Cross at the 12th fret. When I called to order the guy at Warmoth explained that would cost a LOT because while they can delete the crosses at frets other than the 12th on the cross program (cutting just the 12th fret), they can't delete the double dot at the 12th on the dot program. Meaning they would have to hand cut the dots. The figure he gave me to do it was not totally unrealistic but it was a LOT. So I made a concession and ordered it without the cross at the 12th and just the regular MOP dots throughout. And it is still bugging me -- I really wanted that cross at the 12th. Which leads to my question:

Is it acceptable to change a neck order after it has been placed? I'm thinking about maybe deleting the dots entirely and just have the cross done at the 12th since they can do that. Or maybe I will just cough up the extra $$$ to have the dots done by hand.

Sorry if this seem trivial, I'm 52 years old and been playing for 30 something years and this is the first fully custom guitar I have ever built and will probably be the only one so I want it perfect.

BTW, I am using Black MOP on the dots which is not going to have a lot of contrast on a Pau Ferro fretboard, but that is what I have always wanted. I sent them a not asking if they could please select a piece of PF that is a lighter shade to provide a bit of contrast. Hopefully, they will be able to do that.

Also, FYI -- it is about a 10 week lead time to have a custom neck made. Whatever, I'm sure it will be worth the wait :)

Thanks for any comments or insights.
There may be a modification charge to alter a piece if production has begun, but otherwise I see no problem changing it to be what you want.

It's probably a bit late, but an entire pau ferro neck would be amazing, as well as stainless steel frets.  while the wood is more expensive, the lack of requiring a finish pans it out about even.
Hi and welcome 

You have a great build happening there  :icon_thumright:
Black Binding I love  :toothy10:

I would go with what YOU really want done on the neck in the 1st place.
As that's seems like what you really want.
Plus would be your own unique special looking guitar  :guitarplayer2:

I've inquired on doing different inlays at different spots etc etc.
So I know the pricing and understand why the extra $$$ with the machines / programming etc they use.

**Note ... I would add SS frets Stainless Steel  :icon_thumright:

I've changed or added to orders a number of times.
So, yes you can change your order.
But .....
One time I was to late be 2 hours ........  :doh: .... lesson learnt.

BTW .. I'll be 52yo later this year  :cool01:
You won't know until you call and ask, but I think you'd be happy with just the Celtic cross and no dots otherwise, other than the side dots. It only takes about 30 seconds to get used to it.

You're going to love that Pau Ferro!

And I second Updown's suggestion - get the stainless frets. You won't be sorry. Best improvement in guitars since they electrified them. For $20, it's a no-brainer.
It's insane that they can't delete that double dot. Of all the things that are likely to be custom about inlay, surely the 12th fret is the big one.

I'd love to learn a bit about the way these CNC things work. It's just a bad program, right? It could be rewritten to have the 12th fret as a separate, toggle-able module?
Being a weekend, I sent an email to Warmoth sales asking them to revise the custom neck order I placed Friday. Specifically, to change from Black MOP dots only to a Celtic Cross at the 12th with dots elsewhere on the fretboad, all Black MOP, or Abalone (2nd choice) or White MOP (3rd choice). Also to use stainless fret wire since I did not specify that when I placed the order. I may delete the Schaller strap locks as well since I use Dunlop locks on my Strat and it would be better to use the same type (Warmoth doesn't sell Dunlop strap locks). If they don't respond by late Monday I'll probably call. I don't like having to call and make revisions once an order is placed but it is what it is. I do agree that it seems odd that their inlay routing program allows for deletion of routes to positions other than the 12th fret, but not *just* the 12th fret. Whatever, cost wise, this guitar, when it's all said and done, is going to set me back less than what a new, over the counter US made standard Telecaster would cost and that includes what I will be paying for this *extra* detail on the inlays. And I am getting a MUCH better guitar. So, not complaining. Just wish I didn't have to wait until late August to receive it!

I would vengure a guess and say the 12th fret inlay is some sort of a locator or possibly the starting point. That would be why maybe they can do a 12 fret only option and not delete only the 12. Idk :dontknow:
You should be able to change it with out a problem.  It would be odd for it to get into the neck in the production line an afternoon.  Also, the times they give you are to give them room.  It has happened a number of times that they get it to you faster than the quoted time.  I would also suggest the SS frets, and the all Pau Ferro.  I have both and it is something I really enjoy.  Boy do I also hear you about the price of the equivalent (HA) production guitar.  I am currently piecing together a tele with a bender, and it will come out to about the same price, maybe a bit more, but over the top custom.  While email is nice for the non working hour requests, I would always suggest calling them and talking to them about the changes.  There is no easier way to get you vision across, so I just go for the call first to be sure.

I enquired about doing this not long ago ……

I would like to have the Diamond Inlays on this neck.
But ….  Placed ONLY at ….. 
one at the 3rd fret, one at the 7th fret, two at the 12th fret & one at the 19th fret positions. (Total of 5 Diamonds)

Reply was …
$135 as there will be extra time involved.

Reason was …
Standard inlays = less time

Doing less inlays = more time as it (Machine) has to be started and stopped multiple times increasing the chances
of destroying neck and the associated babysitting time = more $$$

BTW .... I reckon pabloman hit the nail on the head  :icon_thumright:

pabloman said:
I would vengure a guess and say the 12th fret inlay is some sort of a locator or possibly the starting point.
That would be why maybe they can do a 12 fret only option and not delete only the 12.
Problem resolved -- called Warmoth this morning and spoke to Spike who took my order Friday and was happy to revise it (it was still in the queue for weekend orders and not even "official" yet). Black Celtic Cross at 12th with Black Dots elsewhere on neck. Using the standard flat Black material as Black MOP was not available for doing a Cross and I felt White MOP would stand out too much (I want an under-stated look). Trusting that when the guys chose the PF wood for the fretboard, they will pull something with a light enough shade to provide just the right about of contrast with the Black inlay material and the inlays won't disappear into the fret board. Also upgraded to stainless frets ($20.00 -- no brainer) and deleted the Schaller strap locks as I want Dunlops instead. Now that that is taken care of, my order is perfect and all I have to do is sit back and wait. Plenty of time to dream about the Perfect Telecaster :)