Sore fingers


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Time to start rubbing this stuff out; I don't know how my fingers are going to hold up.  I need to figure out how to do final wet sand mechanically.  I can polish with the arbor but the wet sand stage is so labor intensive.  Anybody using a mechanical wet-sanding system?

The Strat and maple neck go together for a local player, the Tele is going to Jay, the Brazilian Tele neck is for my Flame Thinline and the Bass is for me also.

IMG_3944.jpg labor intensive.
That's why you make the big bucks, I guess... :toothy10: There's the option of various thicknesses of densities of foam padding held by a tool face to prevent the fingertip wear. It's hard to imagine something as sensitive and situation-variable as the tips of your own fingers, though.  :sad1: Someone would have to do a lot of experimenting and burn through a lot of finishes to come up with their own "fool proof" little Polish-O-Matic - and the same thing might not work for the next guy, either.
I totally understand Tonars wish for a mechanical sandinding system, I have wet sanded an entire automobile, '78 Camero. it's a messy process.

If you could invent a guitar sanding machine that will do a fine wet sand,  the world will beat a path to your door.

Swine flu? I am just recovering from it, cost me a week of work, wasn't as bad as all the hype, although I did feel like crap all week, i didn't feel like I was gonna die.

I heard a normal flu kills thousands of people and this one has killed a few hundred
Yeah... Swine flu is... flu. That's it. New stain. Same symptoms, same prevention. Me and my friends aren't freaked out about it.
Yeah I have that crap and im fine. Well im sick as hell, but no sicker than when I get the flu. Deffinately dont feel like im going to die haha.
hey.... i wore my pink floyd t-shirt to ward away any swine flu. the pig on it the flu will think im already a pig. :hello2:

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It's got the mortalilty rate of a perfectly normal flu (0,4% apparently). I guess what puts it apart is that it's more contagious than usual?