Soldano designed Yamaha 100W tube combo

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Aloha, all.

I'm selling my Yamaha T100C combo.  Since baby arrived, I just don't ever use the thing, and things aren't likely to change soon. 

My eBay buy-it-now price is $550, but I'd let it go to a forum member for $500, plus shipping to be paid by the buyer.  Paypal is the payment method.  Or you could bid, and try your luck - maybe you'll take it for the minimum bid of $450.

Best case scenario would of course be a local Bay Area purchaser, since shipping will be pretty dear on this baby - the thing weighs as much as Cagey's ex. 

From my eBay listing:

This is a 100 watt tube combo manufactured in the USA by Yamaha, designed by Michael Soldano.  This unit is used (manufactured in the 1990s) but in very good condition.

The original manual is available for download at

Two channels, one clean, one dirty.  Footswitch included.  Reverb is not footswitchable.  You will need a standard 1/4" guitar cable to connect the switch to the amp.

Each channel has independent gain, treble, mid, bass, master volume, and reverb controls.  Presence control governs both channels.

The combo includes the original Celestion speaker.  You can drive an additional cabinet, or you can run two cabinets if you disconnect the combo's speaker.  Impedance is swtichable between 4, 8 and 16 Ohms.

The clean channel has plenty of headroom - the benefits of 100 watt amp - and the dirty channel is classic Soldano high-gain fire-breathing roar. 

These amps are highly regarded for their value and their performance.  James Burton played one for many years. 

This particular unit had brand new JJ 6L6 GC's installed and a full service performed by Val King Amplification in Santa Clara, CA about a year and a half ago, and the amp has been virtually unused since then - I have practiced with it perhaps four different times for a few hours a time.
I'm also throwing in a quartet of used but very serviceable matched 6L6GC's  (I think they're Ruby, not sure from memory) for any forum member who should happen to win the bidding, or for anyone who buys the amp using "buy it now" thing.
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