Smoking Korina P-Bass

Greg P

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I finished this a while ago, but just got the bass back so I could take some pics.  Short story is that this is my first build ever, I built this as a best man gift for my best man at my wedding.  The dude is an amazing bass player, imagine if Geddy Lee, Flea, and Steve Harris had a love child.  He plays an Alembic, but he doesn't have a good back up, so I thought this might fill the role. 

Before I go on though, major props to Skuttlefunk who--believe it or not--is even cooler and more helpful in real life than he his on the board, who hooked me up with some parts and tons of good advice. 

The bass itself is a korina dinky P body with bloodwood/canary neck.  After much thought, I decided to leave the neck unfinished.  It felt really good , like that so I left it.  Nordstrand pickups with hipshot tuners and a Badass II bridge. 

In the final analysis, this thing rocks.  The action is incredibly low with no buzzes.  The sound is amazing.  It just has a presence about it.  My buddy loves it.  He says it "gives the Alembic a run for the money."  As far as looks go, it is a cliche' but pics don't do it justice.  It just reaches out and grabs you.  Several non-guitar types have mentioned how striking it is.  It is subtle but eyes just seem drawn towards it.  I am thinking about building a guitar twin.  A tele thinline perhaps?






Striking?  That thing is downright frightening!  Love it!!!!
I can just about hear that bass in my head. I love how simple the build is just showing off that beautiful grain and color. That must be some kinda buddy for you to do that for him. Definitely a gift from the heart.
this came out gorgeous Greg!  :blob7: congrats on a great build!

you definitely gotta post comments from your bud when he gets this

all the best,

Quite simply one of the classiest looking basses I've ever seen.
WarmothRules said:
no string retainers?

It looks to me that he has enough string wound around the tuners to where he doesn't really need one. I do the same thing on my two Firebird copies.