my Warmoth P Bass

Bob Hoover Ross

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I may have posted this pic elsewhere on the forum, didn't realize these new subcategories existed.

Warmoth Swamp Ash body in tobacco sunburst
Warmoth quartersawn Brazilian Ebony neck w/ Brazilian Ebony fingerboard and stainless steel frets
Lindy Fralin pickup (standard wind)
Gotoh 201 bridge
Schaller machines
strung up with GHS "Precision Flats" Stainless Steel Medium flatwounds

I put this together a few years ago because I have hated the sound of a P Bass with flatwounds for most of the 45+ years I've been playing bass and finally figured maybe there was something I was missing and I should try it again. (Last time I owned a Precision Bass with flatwounds was 1977.) Y'know what? I still hate it. Anybody wanna buy a P Bass?

Seriously, it's going up for sale in the Classifieds later this summer. Great bass, just not my cup of tea.
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So.........put some roundwounds on it.

Oh yeah, if I needed yet another passive 4-string bass with roundwounds that's definitely what I'd do.
Best case though it would just duplicate something I already own.
Worst case -- and tbh, the more likely outcome -- is that it would simply confirm that my beef isn't with flatwounds, it's with P Basses in general. There just aren't alot of archetypal P Bass sounds that align with my sonic interests.
If it's not the strings, it's the pickups. Those are the only 2 components that could make any bass sound different from any other.
As threatened, this bass is now for sale over in the Classifieds folder: