Slow Dancing In A Burning Room-John Mayer(Acoustic/Electric Guitar Instrumental)


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"Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" - just the title of the song from John Mayer's third studio album "Continuum" makes you sit up and take notice. And if you listen more intensively to the vocal song, which is appreciated by many musicians, you will find this assumption confirmed. And it's not without reason that the album was voted a Grammy award winner for best pop album in 2006.

The idea of developing an acoustic / electric guitar instrumental version from this great vocal song, with an own touch, came from my dear friend Jimmy Quango, who brought in the acoustic guitar parts and had many discussions with me about a harmonious song arrangement, including suitable instrumentation, turned. And we are aware that our instrumental version is music for guitar-loving musicians, from the "Old Socks" category ;)

We recorded and performed all instruments, including the mixing/mastering, in this song project ourselves.
I hope you like our instrumental version and I'm happy about any feedback !


All the best - wolbai  :icon_thumright: