Simple "Esquire" Humbucker Rock 'n' Roller

Scab Pickens

Senior Member
I wanted to put together a fun guitar that I could grab and play without thinking too much about anything. This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable guitars I have ever put my hands on. A test subject for my "fat" Tele style bridge, and it worked out perfectly.

Solid Black Korina body. All contours. There's a Tele neck pickup route hidden by the "F-Hole" pickguard.

Maple neck shaft / Ebony board. 1-3/4" Earvana TUSQ nut. Gibson scale conversion. Standard Thin 10-16. Jumbo SS frets.

I was hoping to get away with no string tree. But with the reverse headstock even with staggered locking Schaller tuners I was easily popping the low E out of the nut slot. So, I put a Graph Tech tree on the bottom two strings. Working fine.

The bridge is raw aluminum (designed and machined by me) with brass saddles from Armadillo Guitar. Heavy springs and proper length screws from McMaster-Carr.

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates for Tele pickup and Emerson Custom pre-wired Esquire harness with 500K pots.

I'm not a good guitar photographer, so this is all for now ...

Esquire Front Full.jpg