side jack problems


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I had some tear-out while drilling my side jack.a a large arrow head shaped chunk came out. I drilled a 1/2 inch hole and was planning on using a deep panel jack because i did not have a drill bit larger than 1/2 and anything larger would not have fit my drill.  I was able to save a bit of the torn out wood but not all. Should i have a few ideas about how to fix this. I could have somebody with a bigger drill make the hole bigger (could be more tear-out then) or I could try to fix the mess i made with wood putty and glue. What id really rather do is see if i could just mount a deep panel jack on one of those jack plates. Does anybody know if this is possible.

Check your hw store, while most bit sets come with the bit a uniform diameter, you can find bits that have a shaft that is of less diameter machined from the drill chuck end of the bit.

It hard to tell from your description exactly what's going on, you have a pic you can post? You could try to ream it on out to take the 7/8" Electro socket side jack or just cover it with the football or square side jack plates if the wood don't rip out too far....

Don't have exact specs on the deep panel side jack, but you could always ream the hole in a football/square side jack plate larger if necessary, per diagram the holes in those are 9.5mm
A unibit of about 7/8 size (step drill) would open the hole, self centering and not need to be plugged first.


Get some dowel, fit it tightly, glue it into the hole and let it dry.  Then drill to 7/8.


Use a Les Paul side jack plate and cover the mistake as best you can.
thanks for the help guys.

I took it to a friends place. We made a jig out of 2x4 and re-drilled the hole to 3/4 with a forstner bit.