Siamese Cat Burst


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You're either trying to point out something I can't understand, or making a bizarre joke. If the latter, hahahaha, I think i see what you are (might be) implying. Your pup covers would need to be one pale green, one pale blue-grey.
Oh just thought it was a unique finish on the Warmoth showcase, thats all.

You might say they got Bengal, Tigers Eye.... and Siamese? 

Ah ya bunch o' cat haters.... <gggg>
I'm an all-the-way cat person, one of ours is part siamese and thus literally insane.

I was thinking that finish, with the silver kinda transparent on figured swamp ash, rear-rout, with green and blue covers... might look like a siamese. Might also look like crap.
Same reaction I have to Antigua.


The new Bengal Burst is a stone cold winner, though.
i have a black cat that is part Siamese, she has these piercing green eyes that will turn you to stone, and barely visible black strips.
she's also part pig, she only ways twenty pounds.   

anygay, that paint looks cool. im fond of the gibson silverburst my self.
The late, great, Maurice-Eley, my buddy till his end.


Reese'mo, was rescued from our pipe yard, weighting 2-1/2 lbs, gaining to 7-1/2 lbs in 4 weeks.  He never looked back.  Gals at the vet's called him "puppy paws" and "Mr. Personality", because he'd basically do what it took for your attention.  His head was twice the circumference of my other cats, his paws a full 2-1/4 inches across.  Chubby - but he was just a huge cat.  Barrel chested, afraid of high places, and all of his 26-1/2 lbs never met anyone they didn't like, or who didn't like him (except Moussaf, the Moroccan, but he looked like a Ferengi - or rat).  Showered with me almost every day.  Waited by the door for me to come home every day.  A real "guys" cat.  Sadly, he died young after a brave battle with kidney disease, but his half brother is still hanging in there at 14 years old, and never been sick a day in his long life. 

Tito, the most badass sweetheart I've ever met. He's five, and loves his family till the end, and will attack anyone who isn't family. He and I enjoy crawling through the woods for things to eat. Long elegant whiskers, and also the fattest head ever. Normal-to-large size cat, but seriously wide head. Just a kitten in that picture though.
I'd post a pic but the only cat here is the bobcat that lives in the woods behind the house and any pics are limited to winter when the vegetation's gone... Hasn't come back to try to eat one of the Italian greyhounds again since we got the Australian shepherd.
You're from Brazil...

Here's a bobcat:

Big ones like the one that lives around here weigh 10 kilos+

Here's an Italian Greyhound:

They are half the height and 1/3 to 1/2 the weight of a Bobcat and therefore would fall into the Bobcat's "hearty lunch" category...
:icon_biggrin: Okay!
Here we have anothers big cats like this one... but with another names... like a jaguar (this one can eat a man easily), but there are anothers ones, but I don't know the name of them in english....

But it's funny! ^^ dark humour!
Time for the real thing. 100% purebred Siamese cats. Our blue point and lilac point males.

Great guitar inspiration IMHO! It has to be thin and very high energy though.....


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