show all neck contours from this angle


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Like pictured on the bottom of this page you should have a real photograph of all the contours going either thick to thin or thin to thick so we can all see a more realistic comparison of all the contours. Cause when I got my standard thin I thought it was going to feel more like a jackson neck and I thought the wizard was like an Ibanez neck. To me standard thin feels fatter than a fender neck.
Not a bad idea with the pictures... Though I can vouch for the fact that the standard thin is thinner than my fender standard neck.
If you look at the picture of, say, the "wolfgang" contour you can see that adding frets alone will add a whole 'nother neck "size" -

The way Warmoth describes neck sizes seems to be about as good as could be done, though USA Custom does go into a little more description - guitar players need to argue over all this "C tapering to a U" stuff anyways, right? Even adding a thicker gloss varnish is going to have a huge difference in feel vs. a minimalist satin-finish wipe. Fender neck specs are all over the place, they're nowadays consistent within a model run but they've made a lot of different neck sizes. For $20 you can buy a set of vernier calipers to measure stuff and you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.