Short scale P Bass


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So for a Warmoth short scale P bass, does anyone know if the distance difference (if there is one) needed for the wires to the input when running it to a side input vs top input like you see on a standard Fender bass?
The reason I ask is I can get a wiring harness pretty cheap, leaving me only the pick up to connect. Worse case scenerio is I cut off the input connections and make new longer ones, but I'm curious if that is even necessary if the distance difference in negligible. I don't have the body or harness yet, so can't measure, but I'm impatient and looking into it now  :icon_biggrin:
And I'll likely just get a pick guard with tone/volume holes cut out, nothing for the input.

On the other hand, is there any plusses or minues to just running to a top positioned input through the pick guard vs side input? Seems like the the side input is a cleaner look, cable or wireless plugged in is not in the way, etc.

Going to be a lake placid blue satin finish body, white pearl pick guard, roasted maple neck.
I know this is a bit old, but on my short scale P, the output jack face (basically where it'd be flush with the body) is 1.5" away from the center of the pick guard hole where the output jack normally would be.

Most pre-wired bass harnesses I've seen don't have a ton of slack, but the worst case as you say is that you might have to solder on some longer leads.
Thanks! Much appreciated. I waited too long to order a body, and now, Warmoth is down, so hopefully in the next few weeks they will be back up and running.
I got the leads to the input jack 2" longer than normal, so it sounds like I should be fine from what you are saying.  :icon_thumright: