Setup & Adjustment on a Gotoh 510 Wrap-Around Bridge?


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I'm working on my first Gibson style L5S.  It will have a Gotoh 510 wrap-around bridge (i.e., a hard stop bridge/tail type).
I'm not familar with the steps in setting-up and adjusting this type of bridge.  Any recommendation/experience on the best sequence of steps in setting-up/adjusting this bridge?

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Hi Allen,
Has anyone helped you out on your bridge setup yet?

I'm working on an L5S build myself with the same bridge.  Its a simple setup to work with if the mounting studs are correct. 

This will be my second project with this bridge, I can send some pics in a few weeks if you haven't had any help by then...

Good luck... :toothy10:

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The Gotoh 510 bridge/tailpiece has 4 adjustable movements :-

1.  Bridge height to get the optimum string/fretboard clearance using the larger Allen key.
2.  Lock the above height setting using the smaller Allen key
3.  Forward and backward movement of bridge for general intonation using the larger Allen key.
4.  Forward and backward movement of individual saddles for precision intonation using a screwdriver.

The setup procedure is first to get your optimum string clearance from the frets without string buzzes, strings choking when bent, etc.  When you are satisfied the height, lock down the string post studs using the smaller Allen key.

Next using a screwdriver and adjust all the 6 individual saddles in a straight line in the middle of the travel.  Plug the guitar to a tuner and tune the guitar.  Check the open string against the fretted note at the 12th fret.  If most of the strings fall below 440, the general intonation is too flat so you need to reduce the distance between the nut and the saddles.  Conversely, if most of the strings fall above 440, you need to lengthen the distance from the nut to the saddled. Do this by adjusting the Allen key screws at the side of the bridge at each end.

Fine intonate each string so that the open string note and fretted 12th note both falls squarely on 440 by adjusting the saddle travel forward or backward with a screwdriver.

Hope my general guide helps.  the procedure is really quite easy.

Good luck.