See what your guitar will look like!


While googling for info on parts, I came across this site.  It is amazing to say the least.  It won't cover every possible body/color/configuration, but it can give you a pretty good idea of what that dream axe will look like when you get done.  I am a programmer by trade, so I am not always easily impressed by the free applications I encounter on the web - this is a most notable exception.

Warmoth should talk to this guy.  After configuring a few guitars I'm ready to pull the trigger on several after having finally seen what they will look like.

Go to this site:

And then select the KISEKAE Virtual Guitar Modeling System link.

I prefer the guitar generators over at the Jackson/Charvel forum:
Those are both Cool, I liked the Jackson version simply because of ease of use, a neat way to see Idea's, Warmoth could use one of these though Im not sure what type of maintenance and computer upkeep that would entail, but awesome! Thanks guy's!  :toothy10: