SD Vintage Rails Pickup with super 5-way switch


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I have two problems.  Hopefully, someone can help me out. 

First, I am installing the cool/vintage/hot rails set-up in my Strat.  I got the wiring diagram for the super 5-way switch from  The problem is that the old style vintage rail only has red and white wires and the diagram calls for the four wire pick-up.  How can I make this work?

The second problem is that I bought the vintage rails used from eBay and it did nto come with the rubber spacers.  What can I use in their place?  I know I can probably find springs.  Is there an advantage to having the rubber instead of the springs?  Any thoughts?

Thank you for your help. 
Sounds like your rails are the older 2-conductor type. If that is the case, there is no way to access the humbucker coils separately, aside from taking apart the pickup and modifying it, a delicate but doable process. Unfortunately, without the factory 4-conductor leads, coil taps (if that is what you had planned for the Super Switch), are not possible.
Maybe you could put the pups back up on eBay and obtain 4-conductor ones.
As I recall, the Vintage Rails are not side-by-side coils, they are staggered.  You can't use a Vintage Rail as a humbucker and split it for single-coil, thus the 2-conductor wiring for that one.

I used to have a similar setup in my swamp ash Strat with a Hot Rail in the bridge, and a Vintage Rail middle.  I didn't care much for the Hot Rail when split.  I had a little better luck with the SD Li'l Demon for the bridge.  In the end, I ditched all the SD's, and went with a full set of Fralin Vintage Hot single coils.  Each to his own.  I personally just didn't care for the Hot Rail at all.
OK thanks for the repies.
The wiring with the super switch gives a split neck+split mid in the "2" position, and a split mid+split bridge in the "4" postion.
I noticed that the new vintage has four leads. Does that mean I would get 1/2 a mid with the other split coil?
That doesn't sound too good. I think I will install the normal 5 way until I think of something else.

Any thoughts on the rubber spacer/spring problem?
Surgical tubing or springs... never really noticed a difference. I find the tubing easier to install, it will usually fit snuggly holding the pickup screws in place.

Yeah, the vintage rail is staggered - 3 low strings on a coil, 3 hi strings an a coil.
Here's an idea;

Use a push/pull volume control, the ones Warmoth has are DPDT
Wire the Red/White wires from the bridge/neck pups to each pole.
Wire a set of poles to ground.
Wire the 5-way normally.

In the "up" position, both bridge and neck are split whenever selected, in the "down" every thing's normal.