schaller floyd VS original floyd?


hey everybody
im building a guitar and ordering everything except the electronics and accesories(in which im ordering from stewmac) from warmoth.
im having trouble figuring out which trem to buy
they bost cost the same but with the rep that floyd has im pretty much stuck on the original
which one better? the schaller or the orig?
I have guitars with both.  I would go with an original floyd every time.  I like the Schaller, but the only reason I chose it is because it was a direct drop in replacement for another trem in a production guitar.  The ones that I have built have original floyds.  The original floyd has a stainless steel plate.  The Schaller is cast and has inserts for screw holes and the knife-edge.  However, if you have an overly bright tone, the Schaller will warm that up a bit.
I've had both

go schaller, the original's clamp screwheads extend further out towards the ass of the you can pull backwards further w/o hitting the body.