schaller 456 studmount bridge


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thinking about using one on an explorer how do they sound? how does it affect action? can they be modded into a tremelo bridge? and what is the overall quality?
Didn't somebody already ask to stop double posting the same question in multiple categories? It's VERY annoying to many of us here, and obviously does NOT belong in wiring/electronics....

It's a high quality bridge.

Obviously it cannot be modded into a tremolo

Obviously sound and action aren't going to be affected or be any different than with using another wraparound tailpiece bridge or a TOM setup.

Are you going to do an Explorer build  from Warmoth parts or are asking about usage on a Gibson Explorer? Obviously no issue on Warmoth build if you order the correct bridge route; on Gibson, will bridge studs match 82.5 mm spacing of the Schaller? What to do with the stop tailpiece holes?