Sanko 6105 Frets on my CS are much larger than Warmoth 6105 Frets


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Does anyone know the exact size of the frets Fender uses as Sanko 6105?
They are on my CS and I really like them.  My 6105 Warmoth sized frets seem about 1/2 as large. I am thinking of ordering another neck, but want the same sized frets.
Here's some images. I couldn't get them to attach directly unfortunately.

The floor traveler says the Fender CS is 6105 Sanko.
The closest Sanko to the Jescar Warmoth sells as 6105 would be SBB-214 the width 2.4mm height 1.2mm

6105 is a Dunlop designation.

Dunlop Width: 2.36 mm Height: 1.50 mm the closest Sanko is SBB-214H width 2.4mm height 1.3mm.

So dimensionally there is no significant difference between the wire. What you are noticing however is that your Warmoth frets have not been levelled, dressed, crowned and polished whereas the Fender has and hence the difference in appearance and slightly no doubt in size.
Well, the Warmoth 6105 frets are about 1/2 the size of the Sanko frets that Fender calls 6105.

Wish I had a good way to measure them.
They are definitely bigger than the Suhr frets I had on an S model (Medium: 0.055" Height X 0.090" Width)
Warmoth 6105 = .095" X .047".

I found this thread

I think the problem is that "6105" is little more than a market reference to medium jumbos these days.

  • Dunlop makes the 6105 - 2.36mm x 1.5mm, one of ??? profiles
  • The closest Sanko wire is the 214H - 2.4mm x 1.3mm, one of 8 profiles
  • The closest Jescar is 55090 - 2.28mm x 1.4mm (IIRC, this is what Warmoth uses), one of 20 profiles
  • The closest Polymet is 9035 - 2.28mm x 1.4mm, one of ~25? profiles

If you know it's Sanko, the best thing is to grab a digital caliber and measure, keeping in mind the CS fret will have been leveled and crowned at the shop.
Based on that thread from TGP, the guy from Fender said they switched to Jescar in 2018.  (my cs is 2019) I think then it goes on to indicate the floor traveler might say sanko but really the frets are Jescar.
I think the Jescar frets on my CS are 55095 maybe.
My warmoth 6105s ( on a finished maple fretboard) are way smaller than any other "6105" style wire I've seen/felt.

6105 = tall/narrow