Rotary switch for Jazzmaster?

I was planning on doing a Jazzmaster with a 4-way blade with a series connection for the bridge and neck pickups, but Warmoth sent me the wrong pickguard, and it has a toggle switch hole instead. Returning it is a pain in the ass, so my questions:

1: Are there any rotaries that would fit in the toggle switch hole?
2: Are there even any popular wiring diagrams for rotaries in jazzmasters? I was originally interested in playing with a series/parallel type of wiring, but I'm curious what other unique wiring people here might know of.

Or look at the freeway toggle switch. They have diagrams on their website that gets you some interesting combos.
I know you can find them in Singapore, Australia and Spain. they're an english company. Actually I'm curious, too, where are you? If you're in Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia or the subcontinent it might be troublesome.

I've used the toggle to get, the three regular humbucker configurations, plus, the two north coils, the two south coils and the north coil on the neck pick up.