RIP. Gary Rossington, Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist and founding member


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RIP Gary Rossington, Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist and founding member, who has died aged 71. He was the only member to appear on all the band's albums.

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😔 First time I heard of them a classmate announced one day that the band he wanted to see was touring with the rolling stones but he couldn't see them because they were in an airplane accident. Did I want to buy the ticks to see the stones. Had no money. Made me curious about the band.
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RIP. Gary was actually a player I modeled my initial style around. Growing up in FL, they were a huge influence. Saw the original band a few days before the crash, as well as caught the first 3 gigs of Rossington-Collins in a small venue before they released their debut album.
Been thinking on it those 1st 4 gigs of Rossington-Collins were 4 1 set gigs that were not initially planned. Their 1st "official" gig as I recall was at The Great Southern Music Hall in Gainesville.

Well there also happened to be a Great Southern Music Hall in Orlando. The week preceding, it was announced on the radio that they were going to do 2 sets in Orlando that Friday as a warm up. Got tickets to both of those. After Friday's shows (place was pretty much at capacity), it was announced they were doing 2 more 1 set gigs Saturday (that evening). I was only able to score a ticket to the 1st Sat set.

Saw lots of groups there, from locals such as Pat Travers to English groups such as The Police.
Another neat venue in central FL was Joint in the Woods, which was basically a scout lodge in a park. Picnic benches and all. Saw George Thorogood there as he walked across the picnic bench tops playing. Good times.